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Partnership Details

We can offer potential partners an outstanding staff engagement programme that will deliver long term benefits for both employees and partner company.

In addition you will be positioned as a leading business that is supporting those who have suffered from Trauma, Anxiety & Stress, a compassionate and mindful company and one that recognises the value of investment in mental health well-being. You will be the principle partner for the International Trauma Recovery Summit and as such will gain a positive public profile for your company and acknowledged by your staff as a company that cares.

Corporate Objectives & Staff Engagement

Supporting The Summit in this way will allow you to deliver on corporate objectives in relation to community & staff engagement through attending and interacting with the programme of events. We can also explore options for staff engagement with arts & cultural organisations, or physical activities that have proven benefits in aiding recovery from Trauma, Anxiety, & Stress; inspiring innovation and creativity in individuals, whilst increasing public awareness of the products and services you provide, simultaneously increasing staff morale.

A recent report “Thriving at Work: a review of mental health and employers” from the Department for Work and Pensions, and the Department of Health, has identified that poor mental health costs the UK economy up to £99bn each year, and up to 300,000 people with mental health problems leave their jobs each year. It has become good business to look after your employees’ mental health and take steps to mitigate against your staff being affected.

Sponsorship opportunities

The sponsorship opportunities would include but are not necessarily limited to:


Retention of all titular naming rights to the International Trauma Recovery Summit i.e. International Trauma Recovery Summit Sponsored/Supported/Presented by [company name]

Acknowledgment in all internal and external communication that [company name] have ownership of The Summit title


Continuous name placement before a very high profile audience, with the opportunity to network with high calibre representatives from the realms of business, academia, politics, cultural organisations, a wide variety of mental health professionals/organisations/charities, and the general public

Opportunity for senior member of [company name] management to speak at The Summit

Opportunity for [company name] staff to engage at the event

Sustained media presence in local, regional, national, & international press and social media promoting The Summit through:

  • Official Launch Announcement
  • Press Event with government officials
  • Series of PR activities revolving around positive recovery stories with human interest
  • Series of PR activities revolving around confirmed speakers and the scheduled programme for the content of The Summit
  • The Summit itself
  • Post event coverage with details of upcoming activities (the next summit/other health & wellbeing events)


[company name]’s logo/name and brand identity to be visibly prominent as the principal sponsor of The Summit

Exclusive branding rights as title sponsor across all areas of the venue during The Summit

Positive brand exposure for the sponsoring company [company name] logo will also feature prominently on all of the following:

  • Any email correspondence in relation to The Summit
  • Featured prominently on
  • On all appropriate social media sites
  • On all E-zines – Branding at the event
  • Photographic backdrops at the event
  • On all literature associated directly with The Summit distributed at the event


Promotion of positive brand values, corporate social responsibility and
[company name] interest in supporting local communities, and international awareness of Trauma, Anxiety & Stress treatment and recovery through the medium of The Summit and the associated marketing & PR activities

Ongoing media placement in a sustained PR campaign for The Summit which effectively runs from January – June (inclusive)

[company name] representative at all PR activities and events

[company name] logo and support for the Summit to be clearly visible on all promotional material, both in hard copy format and in all online and digital communications

Acknowledgement on all promotional material that [company name] is the principal sponsor

Programme booklet to include foreword from senior member of [company name] management

Opportunity for senior member of [company name] management to engage in photo opportunities throughout all PR activities

[company name] approved coverage in the regional & national publications post event

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